„La sangre no es azul" – Der Menstruationsdiskurs auf Instagram als Empowerment


„La sangre no es azul" – Der Menstruationsdiskurs auf Instagram als Empowerment. (2024). JournaLIPP, 9, 54-76. https://doi.org/10.5282/journalipp/4905


Health communication is currently diversifying strongly through digital media. The phenomenon of Dr. Google describes how medical content is explained to a broad audience online and, therefore, is reduced in its complexity and presented in an appealing way. Social media additionally offers the potential of community building and empowerment. This article examines the subject of menstruation in the Spanish-speaking world from a discourse-linguistic perspective and, thus, focuses on the promising area of tension between education and taboo in its multimodal nature. A qualitative corpus analysis of posts from Instagram shows how diverse content creators mark their discourse position based on the staging as an expert and the representation of blood they choose. Thus, the platform-specific interaction of these players reveals a variety of discourse motives: from science communication to demanded breakings of taboos and their own sales interests. In this field, to explain means to empower and even more.