Linguistically interesting: Dutch domain adverbials in contrast


Linguistically interesting: Dutch domain adverbials in contrast. (2013). JournaLIPP, 2, 15-29.


One might infer from the literature that Dutch may not use word-formation strategies for the linguistic realisation of the functional category of domain adverbials. English and German, however, are claimed to have very productive derivational patterns for the creation of domain adverbs. English systematically uses -wise (e.g. weatherwise) and German uses -mäßig or -technisch (e.g. wettermäßig, wettertechnisch). Starting from the observation that genetically related suffixes -gewijs, -matig and -technisch exist in Dutch, I investigate their potential to derive domain adverbs. I try to explain synchronic similarities and contrasts between Dutch, English and German patterns from a diachronic point of view as converging or diverging developments. The overall aim is to show that a contrastive investigation may contribute to a better understanding and a more accurate description of individual languages.